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Texas Early Music Project
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13915 Burnet Road, Suite 402
Austin, TX 78728
United States

(512) 377-6961

Founded in 1987 by Daniel Johnson, the Texas Early Music Project is dedicated to preserving and advancing the art of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and early Classical music through performance, recordings, and educational outreach. 

La Pellegrina: Music for a Medici Wedding (2-CD Set)

TEMP Live and Studio Recordings

Our boxed CDs are $21.00 (with the exception of La Pellegrina, a 2-CD set, for $25). The CD price includes shipping within the U.S. Shipping charges will apply to international orders. Questions? Please contact us.

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La Pellegrina: Music for a Medici Wedding (2-CD Set)

LaPelle CD image large.png
LaPelle CD image large.png

La Pellegrina: Music for a Medici Wedding (2-CD Set)


Price includes shipping within the U.S. Shipping charges will apply to international orders. Questions? Please contact us.

First performed in 1589 for the spectacular Florentine wedding of Ferdinando de Medici to Christine of Lorraine, La Pellegrina is a musical masterpiece of spectacular dimensions. The choir, soloists, and a full orchestra of period instruments (viols, cornetto, sackbuts, and lutes) form a stellar ensemble of over fifty performers gathered from across the country. Lawrence Rosenwald, renowned Wellesley linguist and poet, created and recited an original poetic narrative.

Recorded live performances at St. Martin's Lutheran Church, Austin, TX.
Jay Norwood, Sound Engineer.

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Enjoy these audio samples from La Pellegrina: Music for a Medici Wedding:

Disc 1:

Intermedio I: The Harmony of the Spheres

Intermedio II: The Singing Contest of the Pierides and the Muses

Intermedio III: Apollo Fights the Serpent Python

Disc 2:
Intermedio IV: Prophecy of the Golden Age and the Sorrows of Hell

Intermedio V: Arion is Saved by the Dolphins

Intermedio VI: Harmony and Rhythm Descend to Earth

The Performers (solos in parentheses by disc & track number)
Special Guests: 

Ryland Angel, tenor & countertenor (1:11, 15; 2:10) 
Stephen Escher, cornetto (2:9) 
Lawrence Rosenwald, narration & bass 

Phillip Rukavina, bass lute & Renaissance guitar 
Mary Springfels, treble viola da gamba (2:5) 
Thomas Zajac, recorders & percussion 


Brett Barnes, baritone (1:16) 
Erin Calata, mezzo-soprano (1:10, 15, 16; 2:19) 
Cayla Cardiff, mezzo-soprano (1:15, 16; 2:14) 
Tom Crawford, alto 
Rick Gabrillo, baritone (1:15)
Robert Harlan, bass (1:11, 15; 2:8, 14) 
Jenny Houghton, soprano (1:3, 15; 2:3) 
Eric Johnson, bass 
Jeffrey Jones-Ragona, tenor (1:11; 2:10) 
Temmo Korisheli, tenor (1:15; 2:10, 14) 
Robbie LaBanca, tenor 
Ariadne Lih, soprano (1:10, 16; 2:2, 19) 

Peter Lohman, tenor 
David Lopez, tenor (1:11, 15; 2:14) 
Andrew Perry, baritone 
Brian Pettey, baritone (1:15)
Stephanie Prewitt, alto (1:11, 15; 2:14) 
Susan Richter, alto & recorders 
Lacy Rose, soprano 
Meredith Ruduski, soprano (1:10, 15; 2:7, 8, 14, 19) 
Thann Scoggin, bass 
Jenifer Thyssen, soprano (1:3, 6, 11; 2:8, 16) 
Curt Vaughan, bass (1:15)
Gil Zilkha, bass