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Texas Early Music Project
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13915 Burnet Road, Suite 402
Austin, TX 78728
United States

(512) 377-6961

Founded in 1987 by Daniel Johnson, the Texas Early Music Project is dedicated to preserving and advancing the art of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and early Classical music through performance, recordings, and educational outreach. 

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Danny Johnson

...We're almost legal!


It has been brought to my attention, dear readers, that I haven't written a blog for April yet, so let me rectify that! Oh wait, maybe I mean May. Oops, I definitely mean June. What? July, too? Hmmm...see, I have this problem with time... So, since I can't fill in all the blank spaces between mid-March and early August, let me just thank everyone for support for our Amplify Austin campagin and for our April and May concerts. They were fun and successful, and the Complaints concert even garnered Critics Table nominations, along with our infamous It's About Time concert. (By the way, Jenifer Thyssen and Bruce Colson won awards for TEMP concerts at the ceremony—congratulations to them!) 

Texas Toot Faculty 2018

Let's see, what else has happened? The early June Texas Toot Early Music Workshop at Concordia was successful and the Amherst Early Music Workshop, which took up almost all of July, was huge, successful, and exhausting/ exhilarating. Several current and past TEMP members took part in the Amherst workshop as faculty and staff and it seemed like old home month. 



Ok, that's definitely all that's happened in the last ... oh, there's more, you say? You're right! There have been two additions to the TEMP family! Frequent guest and may-as-well-move-here mezzo, Erin Calata, and husband, Dom, welcomed a baby boy, Dylan, in June! AND local wonder and TEMP Operations Coordinator, Meredith Ruduski, and husband, Stephen, are now the proud parents of young Stephen William Ruduski, born at the end of July! Congratulations and wishes for the occasional full-night's sleep to all the parents! 

Of course I won't end this post until I mention the upcoming season (our 20th!) and the accompanying 20 for 20 fundraiser! We are, indeed, trying to raise an extra $20K to help create the foundation for 20 *more* years for TEMP. As music becomes increasingly important in our lives and necessary for our culture, we want TEMP to be here for a very long time. In our 20th Anniversary Season, we’ll reflect on our journey through time as an ensemble, giving a nod or two to our 1998-1999 season, while looking to the future and to even more adventurous projects. 

TEMP Then...

TEMP Now...

Our 20th season has Alegría (joy), comedy, remarkable Christmas music, poignant and evocative Celtic music, amazing Tudor music, and heart-stopping chant by Hildegard von Bingen! Season subscriptions are already on sale and there's at least 6 reasons to join us as a subscriber! Get your season subscriptions now! Single tickets are also available online by clicking on the tickets buttons on the 2018-2019 Season page!

More details in the next few weeks! No, really!


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