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Texas Early Music Project
13915 Burnet Road, Suite 402 
Austin, TX 78728
(512) 377-6961

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TEMP is a performing ensemble and not a presenting organization or an agency. Please do not contact TEMP about hosting other early music groups.
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13915 Burnet Road, Suite 402
Austin, TX 78728
United States

(512) 377-6961

Founded in 1987 by Daniel Johnson, the Texas Early Music Project is dedicated to preserving and advancing the art of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and early Classical music through performance, recordings, and educational outreach. 

The Groundhog was right—even in Texas!


Explore more than 700 years of musical transformation

The Groundhog was right—even in Texas!

Danny Johnson

Wanted: Punxsutawney Phil, for snow against humanity;   By Michael Pearson, CNN

Wanted: Punxsutawney Phil, for snow against humanity; By Michael Pearson, CNN

Don't worry, though! Everyone can participate in Amplify Austin without venturing out into the cold! Thursday, March 5, to Friday, March 6—24 hrs, 6pm to 6pm—and the preferred time for giving to TEMP is 7:00–8:00 AM Friday morning. Beat the rush! And, seriously, thank you for your support. We know there are many wonderful performing groups in Austin—thanks for including Texas Early Music Project in your list of groups to support! See below for instructions on how to help us get an early start on funding our next season.

Meanwhile, back to the Fine Arts Library to get repertoire for the Monteverdi and his Students/Friends/Colleagues concert in early May!

More soon!


Your donation to TEMP's Amplify campaign can help in many ways, but can particularly help us continue our educational programs in Austin-area schools. Donations can also help us produce a spectacular multimedia event this September: Convivencia Re-Envisioned: The Three Worlds of Renaissance Spain, featuring the breathtaking music of the three great cultures of Renaissance Spain: Judeo-Spanish (Sephardic), Arab-Andalucian (Spanish Muslim), and Christian. This transformative, multimedia event will require support beyond the usual generosity of our loyal audiences and funding through the City of Austin Cultural Arts program.

Here’s how you can help:

You can donate $25 (or more!) on TEMP’s page on Amplify Austin. Any Amount Helps! Here are some suggestions:

  • $25-$199 can help cover program and ticket processing costs
  • $200-$499 can help with travel expenses for visiting artists
  • $500-$799 can provide a concert stipend for one of TEMP’s premier musicians
  • $800-$1,999 can help us continue our educational outreach programs
  • $2,000+ can help underwrite our 2015-2016 season opener,  Convivencia Re-Envisioned

Schedule Your Pledge Now!

You don't have to wait until March 5 to participate! You can schedule your pledge now, and it will post on March 5! Just click on the "Donate now" button on the TEMP campaign pageBe sure to check the "Schedule for Amplify Austin Day" box on the donation form.  THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!  If you don't indicated this, the donation will run immediately and will not count towards Amplify Austin Day!

Bonus Time:  7:00 AM on Friday, March 6, is our prime time hour to raise the most money out of all the nonprofits participating in this campaign! If we succeed, we get our dollar amount during that hour matched by Amplify Austin!

Create Your Own Campaign Page!

You can also become an individual fundraiser for TEMP by creating your own campaign page on the Amplify Austin website and inviting family, friends, and colleagues to donate to your TEMP campaign. Go to the TEMP campaign page and click on "Create a Fundraising Campaign." 

Be a Medici - but nicer! Amplify TEMP and Amplify Austin!

Visit TEMP’s Amplify Austin page by clicking on the  button below and schedule your gift by checking the box for "Schedule for Amplify Austin Day."

We thank you for your generous support!

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