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Texas Early Music Project
2905 San Gabriel Suite 204 
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 377-6961

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TEMP is a performing ensemble and not a presenting organization or an agency. Please do not contact TEMP about hosting other early music groups.
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2905 San Gabriel Suite 204
Austin, TX 78705

(512) 377-6961

Founded in 1987 by Daniel Johnson, the Texas Early Music Project is dedicated to preserving and advancing the art of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and early Classical music through performance, recordings, and educational outreach. 

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TEMP Supporters



Many Thanks To These Donors To TEMP's General Fund, to the Susan Anderson Kerr Fund (SAK),
And to the Amplify Austin Campaign (AMPA) for 2017

(From 4/1/16 through 5/10/17)


Patron ($5,000+)

Benefactor ($1,000-$4,999)
Tim & Pat Brown: AmpA
Annag Chandler: AmpA
Joseph & Sharon Lockett
Milton Miller
Robert & Rory Motl

Steve Saunders:
Charles and Betti Saunders Foundation
(at ACF)

Anthony & Marcia Toprac: 
In memory of Jim Schneider &
In memory of Donna Edgar &

In memory of Elsie Goldstein

Supporter ($500-$999)
Randy Baird & Karen McLinden: AmpA

In honor of Daniel Johnson
Rebecca A. Baltzer
Robert & Evelyn Boyer
William & Patsy Buida
Richard & Wanda Childress

M. Christie: SAK
Stephen Falk
Jill Fatzer: AmpA
Gary & Kris Godfrey
Dana & Meg Houghton
Mark & Eileen Houston

Beth Placek
Susan Richter: AmpA
In memory of
Tom Zajac
Chula Sims

Friend ($200-$499)
Anonymous (5)
Brett J. Barnes: AmpA
Pat Fatter Black
Harvey & Pam Corn: 

In memory of Jim Schneider
Corn & Corn LLP: AmpA
Karel R. Dahmen: In memory of Hermine
Ann Daly & Ross Baldick: AmpA
Sharon Duboise
Thomas Edgar: 
In memory of Donna Edgar
Ray & Anne Ellison: AmpA
Elsie Goldstein
John W. Grubbs

IBM International
Lola & Coleman Jennings
Daniel Johnson

Friend ($200-$499) cont'd
Richard & Janice Jones
Norman & Marianne W. Kim: AmpA
Jeff & Gail Kodosky
Peter Lohman
Julia Marsden
Linda & Matthew Masters

David Melanson: AmpA
Ivan Milman
Janie Keys: AmpA
Russ & Brenda Nelson
Mary Parse & Klaus Bichteler: AmpA
Lindley Ray
Alyce J. Richardson

Johnna Robinson
David & Elaine Schele: AmpA

John Tempeta
Joanne Zimmerman: AmpA

Fan (to $199)
Anonymous (14)
Chuck Bailey
Lavinia Baker: AmpA

Win Bent: AmpA
Pat Fatter Black
Stephen Bloch & Deborah Peters
Martha Tucker Boyd
Kim & John Bradley: AmpA
Wendy & Robert Brockett: AmpA
Marjorie Presley Burciaga:

In honor of Karen Burciaga
Amy Bush: AmpA
Jerry & Barbara Buttrey: AmpA

Richard Campbell
Cina Crissera: AmpA
Anne & John Cuddeback
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Estes: AmpA
Oliver & Rebecca Finney: AmpA

Rick & Barbara Fisher
Caroline Frommhold

Therese Gansle: AmpA
Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody
Emma & Lloyd Hampton
Nan Hampton: AmpA
Deborah Hansen & Douglas Dorst: AmpA
Dan & Linda Hardy: AmpA
In memory of John & Susan Kerr
Sarah J. Harriman: AmpA
Bonnie Harris-Reynolds: AmpA In memory of Tom Zajac
Valerie Horst
Margaret Ingram
A. J. Jalifi: 
In memory of Petra V. Jalifi
Todd Jermstad

Fan (to $199) cont'd
Teresa Johnson: AmpA In honor of
Daniel Johnson
Robert Karli
Stan Kearl: AmpA
Andrew Kerr: SAK
In memory of
John & Susan Kerr

Pong & Muriel Lem
Jack & Terry Lieberknecht: AmpA
Jennifer Loehlin: AmpA
Richard Mattingly
Beth Niyogi

Natalie N. Morgan: AmpA
Judy & Tom Morris: AmpA

Diane Nousanen
Melynda Nuss: AmpA
AnnMarie Olson: AmpA

Charles & Betty Oltorf: AmpA
Mary Pendelton-Hoffer

Rebecca Peppas: AmpA
Diana Phillips
Virginia Phillips
Verlea Pierce: AmpA
Anita Prewett: AmpA

Keely Rhodes: AmpA
M. J. Riedlinger: AmpA
Milton H. Riemer
Kit Robberson: 
In honor of Danny Johnson
Sharon Roos
Hal Rutz

Brian & Cindy Schaufenbuel: AmpA
Pete & Frances Schenkkan

Anne Simpson
Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler: AmpA

Lisa Solomon: AmpA
In honor of Leopold Solomon
Megan Spencer
Charles Spurgeon
Annette Stachowitz
Patsy Tankersley

The Thyssen Family: AmpA
James & Carolyn Todd

Wendy Tomlinson: AmpA
Ria Vanderauwera
Jennifer Walls
Allison Welch & Brian Marks: AmpA &

In memory of Kamran Hooshmand
In memory of Joyce Messina-Garrison
In honor of Daniel Johnson on Claudio Monteverdi's 450th Birthday
Jim & Jo Wiginton: AmpA
Hugh Winkler: AmpA

In-Kind Support

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs


The TEMP 2016-2017 Season is also supported by:

Our Media Sponsor:

Corporate Employee Match
Dell Computers
Exxon Mobil



TEMP is very proud to be in residence at the Armstrong Community Music School where we offer coaching and instruction in historical performance practice.


Public Funding:


Texas Early Music Project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department and by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts.