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The Play of Daniel
A 12th Century Mystery Play

Ludus Danielis (The Play of Daniel) was written in honor of Christ 
by the youths of the Cathedral of Beauvais in the 12th century.  
It is a story told through exquisite music about the fall of a kingdom, 
the rise of another, treachery, envy, and the power of faith.

Recorded Live  December 18, 2004 
University Presbyterian Church Austin, TX 


$17.50 (includes shipping within the U.S.)
For international orders, please contact us.

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On this CD:

1. La quinte estampie/Danielis  
2. Dance roial  
3. Ductia Listen
4. Angel Prelude  
5. Angel  
6. All Courtiers: Processional  
7. All: Rex in aeternum vive  
8. Belshazzar  
9. Courtier's feast  
10. Courtier solo  
11. Belshazzar and Magi  
12. Queen's Entourage: Processional Listen
13. Queen  
14. Queen  
15. Belshazzar  
16. Queen's Entourage  
17. Daniel  
18. Queen's Entourage and Daniel  
19. Daniel and Belshazzar  
20. Daniel and Belshazzar Listen
21. Belshazzar  
22. Queen's Entourage: Processional  
23. Courtiers: Processional  
24. Angel's themes interludeGuardian Angel: Beata virgine  
25. Guardian Angel: Beata virgine Listen
26. Darius and Army Listen

Tracks 27- 53 Not Shown


Daniel Christopher LeCluyse
King Belshazzar Sam Johnson
Belshazzar's Queen Judith Overcash
King Darius Brett Barnes
Magi Lara Britton, Jeffrey Jones Ragona
Angels Stephanie Prewitt, Jenifer Thyssen
Darius' Sons Ben Bell, Joe Bergen, Gil Zilkha
Habakkuk Daniel Johnson

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